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Who is John Hurt? Who is Shia LaBeouf (Stupid name)?

Submitted by on April 26, 2008 – 2:46 pmNo Comment

Rumours rumours rumours. Why is the internet so full of rumours? Well, I’m going to add to them now.
Before I get spammed, with smart- telling me that was the fellow who had an alien first burst out of his chest /stomach and Shia whatshisname was the kid from , I am talking about their characters in and the Kingdom of the .
Okay, so here are the facts (a new ideology on the internet): Shia Can’t-spell-his-surname plays a character named Mutt Williams. You all knew that right? In fact, if you don’t know the rumours of this character then you had better stop reading this pronto.

So is Mutt Williams (another stupid name) really Indy’s long lost son (with Marion – from Raiders)? Truthfully: who cares? Like we are going to watch this film because of Shia somebody-or-other. No! We are going to watch the latest Indiana Jones for guess who? Nope, not John Hurt…Nor , whom I was excited about being in the film, until I saw her haircut.. Nope, believe it or not, we are going to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull (notice the lack of pluralisation) because of Indiana Jones dummy!
So why, you may be asking, am I asking the identity of John Hurt when I do clearly know who he is? Well, a recent leaping round the net faster than superman on speed claims that Mr John Hurt plays Abner Ravenwood .
If you just clicked the button, then you are probably still confused as to who that is exactly. Well, rumour is that John Hurt plays Marion’s (from Raiders and Crystal Skull) father. A previously unseen character.
If this is true, again who cares. In truth, if you watch the for “The Oxford Murders” you will be forgiven for thinking that John Hurt was incapable of acting anyway. Who cares about the sidekicks? Make them like Star Trek extras. Kill them all in one mission. We are not interested.
Why is Indy being followed by an these days?
Still looking forward to it all though..Cate Blanchett with Stupid Hair with stupid name Shia..Love a woman in uniform

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