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Who is J.J. Abrams and why should we not believe him?

Submitted by on September 10, 2008 – 12:32 amOne Comment

Well put simply, he is the man responsible for the production of:

  • Lost (TV series) – you know: the one where we start the episode confused and end the episode even more so. Kind of like the on an island
  • Alias – never watched it, never wanted to. Personally I think is overrated!
  • Cloverfield – Still haven’t gotten round to watching this one yet. (Yes, I know that I’m supposed to be a reviewer. It simply has not appealed).
  • – A completely underrated movie that makes perfect feel-good matinee
  • The upcoming (reboot)
  • And so much more than I could be bothered to write

The fact is, if you are reading this post, then you already know who Jeffrey Jacob Abrams is. He has recently informed the world that (James T. Kirk) was intended for a cameo in the upcoming Star Trek movie, but he requested a bigger role. It seems that Abrams said it would ruin the movie.

Personally, this sounds like complete porkies to me (Porkies = Porky pies = Lies – Cockney Rhyming slang for everyone outside Britain). William Shatner (the Star Trek God he is) has appeared on U.K television advertising in a highly amusing 30 second clip of his mispronunciation of the word “yoghurty”. This man takes on any role big or small. If Abrams is to be believed then “The Shat” is still a Prima donna. after all these years. Personally, I think that Abrams is talking a bunch of lies to confuse us all. Surely if not the appearance of Shatner, then the voice of him saying the immortal lines: “Space. The final frontier…etc” would be included. I can only hope that if they do not have Shatner on board, then Abrams will see sense, get on his knees and beg Mr Shatner to be part of this “reboot”.

Do you think a Shatner-free Star Trek is a good idea?

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