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What has happened to Elizabeth Berkley?

Submitted by on July 26, 2008 – 6:49 pmOne Comment

I realise that I am one of the few men in the world who is not attracted to plasticised women. However, I am aware of the need for some people (especially in the public eye) who are expected to look their best. The fact that plastic surgery (to me) makes everyone look like clones is neither here nor there.

is a childhood “star” from a show that I’ll admit (but just to you) I watched. was silly, but entertaining fun. Berkley starred in SBTB and looked like a fairly normal . Unfortunately, came calling and the need to look like a was too much for poor Ms Berkley. I am NOT claiming this woman has had plastic surgery. What I do claim though is the fact that over the years she has transformed from frizzy haired girl next door to Jordan (AKA Katie Price). Don’t believe me? Take a look at a profile pic of Berkley, compare it to how she used to look alongside the most decent photos of Jordan I could find, and tell me what happened!

Are all women expected to clone-ify the second that Hollywood comes calling? Surely if Elizabeth Berkley looks like Jordan and is incapable of obtaining a decent acting role, isn’t it more sensible to hire Katie Price for a role in the upcoming (S.Darko)? She’d be cheaper and would probably scare the hell out of me with that eye makeup alone!

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