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Warner Bros Milking the money cow?

Submitted by on September 11, 2008 – 10:26 pmNo Comment

In June of 1991 (when I was a lad), a song by Bryan Adams hit the charts which we all (as a nation) went out and bought. This song (Everything I do, I do it for you) was from the soundtrack of : Prince of Thieves. It went straight to Number 1 of the music charts (more difficult to do then because we actually bought singles) and stayed there for a mammoth 16 WEEKS. By the end of this length of time the whole of the U.K and I were completely SICK OF IT! No more Bryan Adams we exclaimed. Get that forest singing Canadian out of our country. As it happened he never left but there is a lesson to be learned from that event: Always leave them wanting more!

Clearly are completely oblivious to musical history because they are planning to shove The Dark Knight (a quite excellent film) down our throats just one too many times. According to Digital Spy the studio is planning to bring The Dark Knight back to the IMAX cinemas as a reminder for us all. In fact more specifically as a reminder of its greatness for Academy Award voters (Oscars).

Now listen here Warner Bros. Clearly someone in your empire listens to the Gordon Gecko manual of how to be a complete dominant power and believes Mr Douglas when he states the immortal line “ is good”. Greed is not good. It just angers people. Indeed you decision to pull Harry Potter due to greed (allegedly) has angered a great deal of people. You really think that by pushing a Batman movie down our oesophagus (again) it’s going to make us forgive you? You’ve down well this year with the release of the Dark Knight. You received a critical pat-on-the-back from us all. That doesn’t mean it allows you to stand up again in 6 months time for another cheer. Keep standing up for appreciation and it won’t be long before the “pat” becomes a “slap” (metaphorically speaking).

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