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Uwe Boll’s Postal: movie review

Submitted by on August 27, 2008 – 5:36 pmNo Comment

After reporting on Uwe Boll’s disgust at the lack of distribution his movie Postal received throughout the U.S (it opened in only 12 screens), the distribution in the U.K will be limited to a release. Like many Uwe Boll movies, it has received mostly reviews. The most that I had seen of the film (before today) was the opening credit sequence (as shown here). It amazed me that a movie with such an amusing opening sequence could be slated by so many.

The movie opens (as shown in a previous post) with two terrorists arguing about how many “perfect virgins” they will receive for their life sacrifice. After a small disagreement and a decision to give up flying a plane into a building (reminiscent of the WTC) the new pilots are overrun by the hostages and inadvertently cause the collision that the terrorists were trying to avoid. This sets the tone very quickly and warns that anyone who did not find this funny not to continue further.

Postal has been described as “A live action South Park” and admittedly this statement is hard to argue against. It takes everything that might offend (from being raped by monkeys to naked) and puts it on screen. There is even an hilarious scene involving the director playing himself stating that his movies are funded by Nazi . The fact is this movie tries to upset everyone. For this to have been appreciated on American soil, the community would have to take a long step back from themselves and appreciate the natural humour of the situation. This is ultimately the issue as I don’t know one nation who can take that much of a step back. I’m British and despite having many opinions about the monarchy and our stereotypical stiff upper lips, I don’t think watching a whole movie about it would be that amusing.

Being British however allows me to take Postal for what it is: tasteless comedy tearing into everything from racism, sexism, terrorism and weightism (if that is such a word). The movie offends everyone and just to show that Uwe Boll can take as much abuse as he gives, he joins in the proceedings.

The plot revolves around a character getting nowhere in life with his wife sleeping around, no prospect of a job, an uncle who runs a cult in debt to the IRS and eventually “going postal”. Okay, so the reasoning for the usage of guns, the inclusion of Osama Bin Laden and the fact that Dave Foley is naked seems completely pointless, but overall this randomness works.

Like South Park and Family Guy, there are some scenes that will offend greatly and yet you’ll still be laughing at them. I for one enjoyed the movie despite at one point losing its way with all the random goings on. It may not be as polished as some, but for every on-screen joke that fails, there are 3 more that work very well. Find yourself a friend who doesn’t take life too seriously and you’ll both love Postal. It’s just not a film you’d let your mother watch. If we live in a world where several million enjoyed the disaster that was Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, then twice that number will appreciate Postal

After this review then, only one question remains: Why did the U.K. not get a chance to view this on the big screen. I for one would have appreciated the experience.

My Rating:      2.9 out of 10

I have been asked to “translate” each rating I give into an comprehensible score for “normal people”. Until I design a automated calculator, each conversion will be manual – sympathy is appreciated)

Normal Rating:  7.25 out of 10

Funnier than anyone will admit it is.

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