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Uwe Boll responds to the US distribution (or lack of it)

Submitted by on May 22, 2008 – 4:12 pmNo Comment

, the German director of the upcoming movie (Postal)has responded to the US Distribution network responsible for the low numbers of theaters showing his latest film. You can read the transcript below, or here (on the official Postal site). For the record, I would love the opportunity to review this film. There’s nothing lie supporting an .

“To all of you writing now about me and the fact that POSTAL is not getting screens.

its okay ..its fun kicking a guy nonstop who is on the ground

you are all not getting it that i’m the guy who made it against the big hollywood system and you are all only busy to destroy me and finish me up
and then you YOU WON WHAT ? the attention of the studios, .. ?????
if you damage me you feel closer to Hollywood ? what is your game plan?

you want only movies like , SPEED RACER , WHAT HAPPENDS IN VEGAS …? then keep going and your dreams will be fullfilled. POSTAL makes some very important points ..but you dont wanna see that …. : that Bush used the SEPTEMBER 11 to start a war against a country what had nothing to do with Bin Laden etc…. but this all doesnt matter because you are all busy to THINK that or NARNIA are important movies … but in real they are empty shells of an industry what wants to make money and what wants to keep you looking “escape movies” with nothing in it. in between they are putting some CONTROVERSIAL movies to show that they can do also IMPORTANT movies …but also this movies are not really critical….they only supporting the system and not showing the big picture. and POSTAL shows the BIG PICTURE …it the absurd situation with all the stupid religions, races and nations we are living in. POSTAL is not accepting bullshit politics. POSTAL has not the opinion that Bush made mistakes – POSTAL has the opinion that it is a that BUSH is not in jail. What happened in America in the last 7 years is the biggest joke since Columbus stepped on that land.

but instead of seeing the courage i had in doing that movie against everybody who tried to stop me – you are sitting on your desks and you are working on stories about me ….and my image as the worst director on earth…and you fullfill what your editor wants from you in regards of uwe boll …or you fullfill what you think makes you a cooler guy in the internet …and you are not getting it that you are only interested in movies like IRON MAN or HULK or KUNG FU PANDA or the MUMMY 3 because the studios spending 60 mio. $ in advertising to make you interested in NON INTERESTING movies. how many times you wanna keep going in movies only because the was so cool and the CGI was so great ?

thanks for reading this

Uwe Boll”

You can watch the first 3 minutes of Postal here. For the record, I can see everyone’s point of view, but censorship is something that the USA claims not to have. I, personally think it looks like a lot of fun, if taken for what it is. It seems that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are capable of making light of these kind of subjects and yet Uwe Boll is ostracised because of it?

Postal is released tomorrow in the US and coming to DVD on the 16th June this year

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