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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Submitted by on July 24, 2008 – 2:22 pmOne Comment

The transformers official website has been updated with a logo, absolutely nothing at all. Michael Bay had promised the release of red herrings, and in the last few months we have been expected to believe a whole host of them.

  • Does Arcee make an appearence (in the form of a bike) as the only “female” transformer?
  • Are there two transformers that combine to transform into an ice cream truck?
  • What does “The ” actually refer to? Does it mean that Megatron will somehow make a return?
  • Are we expected to believe that there was a race in Transformers history called “The Fallen”? Will Megatron become Galvatron?

If you’re thinking I sound like a geek, then rest assured when it comes to Transformers I am. Now I know that the comic books of America and Britain are different (but not by that much). The UK comic did NOT have any race in it called “the Fallen” (as has been assumed by other sites).

For me, I think Megatron is making a welcome return. There can only be one true nemesis of Optimus Prime and that is him/it. If you look at the IMDB page for this movie, it capitalises the “F” from “Fallen”. This would indicate one of two things: Either someone in production (or at IMDB) has a poor grasp of grammar, or “The Fallen” is indeed a race. I’m inclined to believe that someone at IMDB or the Transformers production crew merely capitalised “Fallen” due to it being a title. That’s cos they don’t speak proper like what I do.

Nevertheless, once the truth finally surfaces and the subside, I’ll be on hand to inform you of the . Until then here’s hoping Megan puts on some weight, we lose the unnecessary shots of her midriff and Bumblebee loses his voice again.

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