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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen – Devastator is coming

Submitted by on September 11, 2008 – 6:34 pm3 Comments

It seems as if is going to go “Power Rangers” on our . You may be asking yourself what the I am on about. Well it seems that Mr Bay has confirmed the rumours that the Constructicons will make an appearance. Anyone who was ever into Transformers knows that the Constructicons were useless by themselves but became “Devastator” when combined. Oh God no! Don’t tell me. There is going to be an inevitable scene with et al whipping the butts for a period of time when you’ll here “Decepticons Combine and Transform”. I loved the Transformers as a child, but if I hear those words I will waste the ¬£8 entrance fee and walk out of the cinema. No no no no no! Stop it Michael Bay. Think what you are doing! Stop talking b/s about not having Megatron returning and that a race called “The Fallen” will be the bad guys in Transformers 2. I sadly had all of the U.K comics and have never heard of “The Fallen” until the second movie was announced. I am not buying it. I can only hope that the constructicons combining is a complete fabrication. That would just ruin my 2009!

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