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Tom & Jerry Live action film announced

Submitted by on January 22, 2009 – 5:15 pm2 Comments

tomandjerrymovieAccording to reports (here), has announced the intention to make a live action version of Tom & Jerry. This is concerning as the at a Tom & Jerry movie (in 1992) had Jerry SPEAKING! I mean it is a fundamental rule: THE MOUSE DOES NOT SPEAK!

Clearly they don’t think that the ’92 version corrupted our childhood enough so are planning to come back for more!

If you take the live-action / CG as an example, the best scenes in that were when the famous cat was smacking around! Sadly (due to the fact that they used a real bloody dog) they couldn’t do this often due to restraints. If they had made Odie a CG animal, as much cruelty as Garfield could think up could have taken place.

However, in this day and age with little old ladies (and not as old men) moaning about films being un-politically correct, I imagine the of Tom & Jerry will be destroyed! Perhaps can both be and have to out-debate each other!

Since Hollywood studios are responsible for ruining my at childhood TV, I can only hope that Dangermouse and stays well away from their !

I can only see bad things ahead!

Is this really such a bad thing? Tell me your thoughts on the matter.

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