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Three and Out: a few issues

Submitted by on April 24, 2008 – 2:00 pmNo Comment

I have just a few issues with movie “Three and Out” (a film on general release tomorrow starring , , and ). In text, the line-up sounds fantastic. The problem is not with the movie (for I have not seen it yet) or the uproar with the tube workers, but with the . Take a look:

So here is the problem (or should I say problems):

  1. what is the film about? The poster gives no clue to the storyline! it sounds like he could be playing baseball.
  2. What’s with the scarily blue eyes?  Crook looks like he’s trying to hypnotise you to see the film.
  3. What on is Gemma Arterton looking at? Is she too important to look at the camera?
  4. Why is there a house in between Gemma Arterton’s legs? That seems wrong somehow and doesn’t add to the poster at all.  Unless the PR company assumed that the space between Arterton’s legs (Ahem) should be filled with something….anything!
  5. Why is Crook’s face taking up most of the space? Talk about scale issues.

Surely, someone at the press office can come up with something better than this? They seem to have promoted this heavily and yet can’t get the poster right? My daughter could do better. What about a picture of with Colm (as a ) being pushed into the path of an oncoming train by Crook? At least it would say more about the film.

Like I said before, I haven’t seen the film and to be quite honest, despite how okay-ish the trailers were I am totally put off of it by this poster. Surely, if the film company has shown this little effort and thought with the poster then how haphazard are they going to be with the film?

Good premise, Okay trailer, Good cast, Shite poster.

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