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The Thomas Crown Affair 2 will not star Rene Russo

Submitted by on August 2, 2008 – 6:33 pm4 Comments

I am completely gutted to hear that will not be reprising her role in the to the quite brilliant Thomas Crown Affair. Yes, I know that I’ve just admitted to enjoying a remake but since I never saw the original and and Russo had perfect chemistry on screen I felt that the 1999 version was great fun.

With directing, you’d think it still should be good. However, according to Digital Spy Angelina Jolie is in the running for a role (provided she gains weight). I am not against Jolie gaining a bit of weight (after seeing the stick that ran around with pistols in Wanted. She has just given birth though, so I imagine the request for her to gain weight is little pointless.

Hear this Mr Verhoeven! I do not think highly of someone who’s last great film (in my opinion) was made in 1997. Your name attached to this just gives me pause. In fact, scrap the casting of Ms Jolie/Pitt and bring back Russo! That special chemistry made the first film. If you want to repeat it, do the right thing. I’m not so convinced Brosnan and Jolie can make good scenes sizzle. Perhaps its because Russo is only one year younger that Brosnan and Jolie is 22 years younger. DID YOU HEAR THAT? 22 YEARS!

At times like these, I’m more and more convinced that Hollywood is run by a bunch of Muppets. In fact, ignore that statement. Muppets would be a lot more fun! Even they managed good chemistry between Miss Piggy and Kermit!

The is due out in 2009

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