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The Rocker – the almost exactly mediocre review

Submitted by on October 6, 2008 – 5:25 pm2 Comments

Who is Rainn Wilson, and why did anyone think that remaking was a good idea? These questions and many more (including why was attached to this film) need to be answered whilst watching “The Rocker”. Clearly none of the questions are actually answered and strangely no-one seems to care very much about it, which is a great shame to say the least

Brief Synopsis:

An embittered ex-drummer of a now successful band (with a very ) decides after to go on tour with his nephew and friends. Chaos ensues and strangely Christina Applegate joins in the “fun”.


This movie was clearly not made for Rainn Wilson. It couldn’t have been. It has a Will Ferrell style of writing stamped all over it. Was Will Ferrell too busy to take on “The Rocker”? My opinion then of this film is not exactly going to be . Not being a lover of most of Ferrell’s work (except Stranger than Fiction), I am not likely to be overly enthusiastic about afilm that was clearly written with him in mind, but stars someone else.

That someone is Wilson and he attempts to come across as a trainee Ferrell / Danny R. McBride / C. Reilly. Strangely though is more like an unpolished Jack Black (yes I did infer that Mr Black was more “polished” than Wilson). In fact I would even be as bold to say that WIll Ferrell would have been better in the role of “Fish”.

The movie plays very much like School of Rock whilst Wilson tells us all the importance of the word “ROCK” whilst sticking two fingers in the air and naming musicians that come to the top of his head such as “Ozzy Osbourne” and er….well that’s about it really. Not a great deal of planning has been put into the film it seems, and this comes across quite clearly whilst watching it. Can I honestly answer why Jack Black can get up to Shenanigans that Rainn Wilson can’t? No I am unable to. Maybe it’s because we expect over-the-top behaviour from Mr Black and we are still getting to know Wilson. Then again, maybe it’s because Rainn Wilson has the on-screen presence of a very normal and very healthy goldfish (hiding behind a hedge).

The of the piece is very few and far between, with jokes that include statements such as; “I like to rock with a pocket of puke”. Alongside these very tasteful and humorous statements are the “hilarities” of Wilson drumming naked or repeatedly being clumsy (which gets tiring after the second knock of the head).


The fact is, whoever is responsible for “The Rocker” knows for sure, what it is. This movie is merely an afternoon time filler. I would suppose that if you were incredibly bored one Tuesday afternoon and had to be forced to watch a film, you may do worse than “The Rocker”. Although, if you were that bored I suggest you save yourself the effort and buy School of Rock (starring Jack Black) which is ultimately a great deal more amusing and now regularly found in bargain bins in your local video store.

2 out of 5

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