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Is The Dark Knight sexist?

Submitted by on August 7, 2008 – 3:08 amNo Comment

Okay, bear with me with this one. I have now seen The Dark Knight four times and I have been trying (for the life of me) to find flaws. Well, I think I’ve found one! The Dark Knight is sexist! Now bear in mind, if you haven’t seen the Dark Knight then STOP READING NOW!!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!

All gone? Good! Think about this for a second. How many women are there in The Dark Knight? Of the main characters there is only two. Firstly we have (played by ):

  1. Despite being a strong minded attorney, she is the stereotypical ’s girlfriend in distress
  2. She needs saving on at least 2 occasions
  3. She doesn’t make out so good by the end of the movie! Let’s be honest, she’s toast!

I mean, no wonder she has a problem deciding between Bruce Wayne and . There are too many men in Gotham CIty and not enough women. Why would any woman want to get married?

The second character of note is that of Detective Ramirez (played by Monique Curnen):

  1. Grumpy straight cop = stereotypical lesbian (in my eyes)
  2. A bit-part (little more than an extra); no
  3. She’s as dirty as a teenager’s tainted mind!

Now I may be wrong here, but other than the dead attorney/lawyer/girlfriend and the dirty cop, the only women who are left in the movie are tarts! Why Mr ? What is the matter with inviting the other gender along for the ride? Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Dark Knight. I really did. However, I am a man. It is important to get a woman’s opinion here as I cannot speak for any member of the opposite sex, but a movie with a helpless woman who dies, a dirty female cop and a whole bunch of tarts/bimbos/floozies is not exactly levelling up the balance against all those men.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s that time of night when all rationale thought goes flying out of my mind, but something has seemed amiss in The Dark Knight and it finally became clear after the fourth viewing (I’m a bit slow sometimes). Women, Mr Nolan. Try to include more women next time.

Despite this very bad excuse for a dig, I still enjoy the Dark Knight and I hope you did too. If you have any thoughts on this matter, just leave a comment and we’ll defend the rights of women and the glass ceiling (or is it the glass floor?) together.

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