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The Brazilian Job (Italian Job 2): Very silly title?

Submitted by on September 11, 2008 – 6:24 pmOne Comment

In 1969 Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Well, enough about that because something much more important happened in that year and it was named The Italian Job; a British movie starring some iconic actors and comedians including Noel Coward, Benny Hill (and of course) Michael “Bloody” Caine. Years later some Americans thought they could improve on this iconic tale by remaking it. What the world went to watch in cinemas of 2003 was a good heist movie set in Los Angeles. Why then, would you name the film “The Italian Job”. To be fair, I enjoyed it (despite hating the re-use of the famous title) and had hoped a sequel was on its way. As it turned out a sequel was planned for the cheeky, flawed thieves and it was subsequently named “The Brazilian Job”.

That was much more like it, I thought. Now they don’t have to sell the film on the back of a British classic, they can get on with a better movie in its sequel. Despite being listed in IMDB though for longer than my 5 year old God-daughter nothing has come from it. If you were to look on the movie database today, we are assured that it has a 2009 release. I have learned not to trust everything I read.

Over at The Movie Blog (and RopeofSilicon) Seth Green (The Napster from the 2003 film) has had his say on the matter. He stated:

“That’s been listed as ‘In Production’ for over four years, and maybe you’ll print this and someone will actually stop saying that!” he says. “There are a couple of scripts that have been written, but in the last six years since we made the movie, ’s hierarchy has changed hands four times and it’s never seemed to be a priority for the studio to make the movie.” With the success of the film’s cast (Mark Wahlberg and have been nominated for Oscars, Mos Def for an Emmy, and Jason Statham hit big with his Transporter series), says Green, “You would think that they would make the movie. There’s enough of a fan outcry for it, but we just haven’t been able to get the studio to greenlight it.”

To me this statement sounds like a man crying out for a role. However, to be fair to Mr Green I too am looking forward to it. Perhaps I’m not one of those fans crying out (as Seth suggested), but I would like to see the series continue.

On then to the subject of the title. I’m not sure when the term “Brazilian” came into public usage, but I know that to us Brits this is a relatively new word. Naturally then having a title named “The Brazilian Job” conjures up to most (perhaps just me) of a group of thieves helping out with a Bikini Waxing. Naturally this is perhaps not the best image to associate with Mark Wahlberg, Mos Def, Seth Green and Jason Statham…Not forgetting Charlize Theron…..Hold on! Perhaps the movie title can stay. Either way I do wish Paramount would get off their backsides and make the movie before we all have to watch another remake to be introduced to the characters once again!

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