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The Anniversary – first official images online

Submitted by on May 10, 2009 – 7:59 pmNo Comment

anniversary-still-picFor those of you who have yet to hear about , then shame on you. You clearly haven’t been paying attention to ’s “The Movie Blog” where he planned to make a film on the tightest of tight budgets ($30,000). He failed to make it at this price but managed to cover the costs with $50,000.

You could say this is a two fingers up (ancient British gesture) to the film industry as they continue to churn out multi-million dollar movies by the bucket load which are more often than not, utter tat!

Over the past months the director (John) has shared his thoughts on the filming process and managed to show the world that if he can tell a decent story with a shoestring budget, anyone can. Today he has released the from the comedy flick.


Cid is dumped by his girlfriend on the evening of their 15th anniversary due to his failure to propose. On the one year anniversary of getting dumped, Cid is still reeling from the break up and deals with the social stigmas of being in your 30’s and single. In his struggle to find his identity outside of a relationship, Cid balances the the influences of Myron and Shannon, a happy married couple, and Manolis, a devout anti-monogamist all while re-entering the world of dating again

Here at 4 out of 10, we have been waiting with bated breath this film that Mr Campea has promised. Be sure to check out John’ s blog to experience the behind the scene happenings in creating The Anniversary.

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