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The Accidental Husband – a redux review

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I have never understood the appeal of Uma Thurman. Either her looks or “talent”. Don’t get me wrong, she manages to get by most of the time and we all enjoyed Kill Bill (1 not 2), but fundamentally she seems to take on very forgettable roles. The last Thurman movie I watched was “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” and I’ll admit to falling asleep for ten minutes somewhere in the middle.

Nevertheless she has a following (I assume) and films get made with her in the lead role. This film puts her in the role of an angry untrusting radio presenter (Dr. Emma Lloyd) who advises her listeners to get together with someone I would call DULL. No. That’s wrong. Someone that I would call dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull dull. The many multipled dull character (her fiancé) is played by Colin Firth. I’ll admit that for a very dull chap, he is slightly more interesting (mainly due to him being a stress eater). This is amusing for 3 minutes exactly whilst he stuffs chocolate in his mouth with a ravenous intent that I see when I look in the . After which you just look at him with disdain for the remainder of the film.

Brief Synopsis:

Dr Emma Lloyd (Thurman) advises the fiancé of Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) break up with him. Sullivan gets revenge by getting his “hacker” relative to make them married. “Chaos ensues” when Lloyd tries to marry her “sensible and reliable” fiancé Richard (Colin Firth). Sullivan falls for Lloyd in five seconds flat, Bratton eats a and the good doctor just looks a bit bewildered by the (and is torn between Mr Sensible and Mr Exciting).


So after Firth plays the “amusing” character we are left with the other 2 from the . One of them being the aforementioned man-hater and the other being Patrick Sullivan. Now Morgan is adequate along with Firth and Thurman, but you get the feeling that no-one wants to be there acting in the film. Firth lacks vibrance and Thurman (with Morgan) lack chemistry. You’d think that if you were going to make a “romantic comedy” then you’d make sure that even if it wasn’t funny the CHEMISTRY between the leads would make up for it. Well it seems that Thurman clearly would rather be kissing a bit of 2-by-4 (It’s a measurement of wood for all you people who can’t speak “builder”) than Mr Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Sadly I am usually a sucker for Rom-coms and yet this had neither romantic or comedy. It ambles along not offending anyone, blatantly plagiarising better films such as Sweet Home Alabama and My Best Friend’s Wedding (allegedly). The writers it seems, were so busy getting “inspiration” that they had forgotten that the leads in these better movies may have had a tiny bit of chemistry. You may be thinking now that I enjoyed the two films. Admittedly I did enjoy them but they were not THAT good. Surely The Accidental Husband could have taken inspiration from Notting Hill or Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Sullivan seems upset for losing his fiance (after she had a chat with Thurman’s character) and yet five minutes later he goes all gooey over Thurman. Wow! That might have sounded wrong to anyone who is not British! Let me rephrase: shouldn’t Sullivan be more upset and for a longer period about his lost ; as opposed to running around after the nearest long legged blonde woman who calls herself a “Doctor”.


Lazy writing and bad casting is to blame for most of the issues in the movie. Sadly despite liking two-thirds of the main cast (individually), it is sad to admit that they just don’t make a good team. I am amazed the director didn’t start shooting the day, notice there was a serious lacking in chemistry and jump off the nearest cliff (or at least quit).

You may be thinking that I am being a little harsh for something that is supposed to be so light-hearted. I’ll admit that I might be taking this film a little too seriously. I will also admit that there were scenes that made me laugh (not many, but some). It was merely okay. Almost exactly mediocre. If you ask any person in the world (especially if they are a man), the last thing they want to admit to being, is “average”. No-one wants to be just “okay”. For this , and for plagiarising better films (allegedly) the rating will sit below average.

2 out of 5

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