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Terminator 4 starts filming. Is this a good idea, or are they just milking the money cow?

Submitted by on May 8, 2008 – 3:35 amNo Comment

Well, unfortunately, some thinks making another Terminator (after the last painful attempt) is a good idea, and filming has reportedly begun (in New Mexico). So far Arnold Schwarzenegger is not confirmed as even being in it!  , on the other hand has been listed in IMDB as “rumoured terminator”.

Oh dear, oh dear.  Its hard to get excited about the next Terminator when (a man so narcissistic that he feels he deserves three letters as a name) is directing. I mean, come on!  Okay, so getting Cameron back would’ve been a long shot (since , he seems to have become infatuated with the wreck).  However, at least try! So let’s get this straight in our heads. They are making a Terminator with no acting ties to the original three and no directing ties either. At least the that was : Rise of the Machines had Arnie, even if it had three other characters that were poorly written and “stars” incapable of acting.

(source: Yahoo Movie )

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