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Stuntmen review – Brandon Routh at his best

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stuntmenStuntmen is one of those films that doesn’t necessitate a long review for it. If you like a good mockumentary then you will appreciate a spoof look into the lives of two stuntmen. You have to assume it is a spoof insight as these stuntmen focus on personal grooming and ask such telling questions such as: “Have you got any idea of how good it feels to be inside a man’s body”?


When the industry’s two biggest stuntmen are nominated for Stuntman of the Year, an over-ambitious documentarian reignites a dormant rivalry between the two men that results in an all out press war.


In of This is Spinal Tap, Stuntmen follows two er… stuntmen as they discuss their careers, sexual partners and rivalry of each other. Thrown into the mix is an array of oddly amusing characters including a floor-flatteningly funny turn from Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) as your typical stuntman agent.

Despite first impressions though, this mockumentary has three main characters. Tank Macho (beautifully and arrogantly played by Ross Patterson), Eligh Supreme (the calm and camp one, played by ) and not forgetting the interviewer Steve (Chris Tarantino).

Supporting these oddballs are that of Lance LeGault (Decker from The A-Team) on top form as a randy ex-stuntman, Dominique Swann (as Mindy Danger – the irrepressible stuntwoman/nymphomaniac) and a whole host of individuals all given their own weird uniqueness. Even the director/writer has a few quality but brief onscreen parts as the cameraman. Fundamentally, no character is wasted (as you’d expect for a lower budget film) which allows for a truly amusing watch throughout.

There is a sure fire test to see if you’ll like Stuntmen. If you have ever watched and enjoyed the video awards spoof that was named Mission Improbable starring Ben Stiller as Tom Crooze (a stunt double for his namesake) then I urge you to seek out Stuntmen. In essence, CLICK HERE. If you don’t , then don’t watch the film!

Interestingly despite the title, the stuntmen are not shown to be undertaking any stunts. I’m sure that more amusement could be gained from watching Tank Macho and Eligh Supreme going about their work. After all in the film , weren’t we all laughing harder when Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller out-catwalked each other?

With its moments of genius though, Stuntmen suffers from what most mockumentaries do and that is pace. The pace of the film seems to lull very quickly as we are not given enough of a hook in the plot. The arrival of the agents make up for this somewhat but you can only hang a film on so many jokes before you realise there is not much plot occurring. A raging and very silly fight between the stuntmen would have made for better viewing but owing to Eligh’s er..”adopted” persona you can understand why this didn’t occur.

This film owes a great deal to Chris Tarantino as the ever-pretentious interviewer who takes on a “British” accent the second he gets behind a microphone. He, Lance LeGault and Brandon Routh could have stayed on camera for the full 90 minutes and I would have been very happy.


Stuntmen takes the silliness of Zoolander and Mission Improbable and tones them down a bit. It also takes the style of This is Spinal Tap and speeds it up a bit. Watchable and certainly enjoyable but apart from Brandon Routh’s happy agent, Lance LeGault’s highly sexed old man and Chris Tarantino’s British accent it is likely to be forgotten and rather quickly at that.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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