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Studios giving the people movies that no-one wants

Submitted by on September 25, 2008 – 6:46 pm2 Comments

The latest from Hollywood is that a Pirates of The Caribbean 4 is being made (with Johnny Depp helming). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I feel I need to be reimbursed with at least two and a half hours entertainment after suffering the awfulness that was “At Worlds End”.

Along with this Disney news is the latest from . They have greenlit an I Am Legend . I don’t see how this can be as entertaining as the first. I Am Legend admittedly made but how much can you squeeze an already dry lemon? For me, both of these are unwanted. What are your thoughts? Do you think we could benefit from an I Am Legend prequel or yet another Pirates sequel?

UPDATE: Oh yes, another unwanted film has been announced already in the form of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (originally starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine). When will this madness stop?

ANOTHER UPDATE: No sooner do I finish writing this article, do I spot a new one. Lethal Weapon 5 is ready to go. Thankfully it seems that Mel Gibson is reluctant to sign on the . You never know though: the appeal of acting in a silly movie again might be stronger than another “straight” film

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