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Step Brothers: a 4 out of 10 Movie Review

Submitted by on August 27, 2008 – 2:33 pmNo Comment

step_brothers_1 If I were to believe Wikipedia, then Step Brothers (starring Will Ferrell and C. Reilly), then I would have to believe that this movie had a budget of $65,000,000. Yes the overrated (and friends) are back making what most would consider substandard films. Now this paragraph is likely to offend most, so before you start grabbing those pitchforks, bear in mind that I am an Englishman and the is watching Will Ferrell shout a lot and John C. Reilly act like a child does not actually make me laugh. I’m sure that the point of a comedy is to make us all laugh and yet I am not laughing.

Now back to the budget. Why did this movie (of which I could make for £3.50 using better priced actors) cost a staggering $65,000,000?  Let’s review what other movies were made for the budget of £65 million:

Now let’s return to Step Brothers. A movie so heavily laden with special effects (sarcasm) that its most impressive technical scene is that of a pair of testicles resting on a drum kit.

This is childish humour at its worst. The difficulty lies then when it is rated “R” in the U.S. Surely if you have a “comedy” that only very juvenile adults will appreciate and young teenage boys, then you wouldn’t aim for an “R” rating. That seems like marketing suicide to me. You’d think then that the fact that we in the U.K and get a 15 rating, it would be better received. This is where this movie can redeem itself. Despite critics slating the movie in the U.S, it hasn’t stopped people from going to see it. I honestly think that this more liberal rating is the best thing that could have happened. Admittedly I’m unsure of how different the U.S. and U.K. releases are (if at all) and so I can’t be sure of whether the rating difference is due to harsh edits.

If you’ve seen the to this movie, it is an honest rendition of it. If you find two men acting like the worst children in the world for an hour and a half, then you’ll be in stitches. If, like me you thought that only some of the trailer was amusing, you will find that only some of the “jokes” work. Most do not. These include: testicles on drum kits, Ferrell being forced to lick dog crap by a young boy and John C. Reilly remarking how “hot” Ferrell’s mother is.

You can’t help but wonder how the producers convinced Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins to come on board. It also seems that we are supposed to be convinced that Steenburgen is capable of mothering Ferrell at the age of 14. Of course Steenburgen is “hot” to them both. She is in their generation.

Sadly Step Brothers is shallow and unfulfilling offering laughs to only those of a similar mind-set. Being a grumpy uptight pompous Brit, I am not its demographic. But if you are a teenage boy who finds the idea of grown men acting like complete and utter degenerates, then give it a look. I’ll imagine it’ll be the you’ll see in 2008.

My Rating: 1.7 out of 10 (Where did the go? Sure the testicles and fake excrement were not that expensive!)

Your (translated) Rating: 4.25 out of 10 (Only a select group of people are likely to find this funny. I envy you all for being able to laugh at this trash)

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