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Star Wars: The Clone Wars has new posters

Submitted by on July 24, 2008 – 2:47 pmNo Comment

Am I the only one confused by the Star Wars saga? If you want to release movies after originals, isn’t it best to base them after the end movie (). By putting endless inbetweenquels amongst the already established bunch, you just end with confusion. Take The Wars for example. I was under theimpression that the Clone Wars had already been covered by two series called….er….Clone Wars! Well, it seems the story had not ended (apparently) and another Star Wars 2.5 is to be made (or is that 2.75?) Surely it is only a matter of time before Star Wars: 1.33 recurring gets released and all of you, will be as confused as me!

Despite my issues, the and videos are looking good for the film. I just hope that Yoda kicks arse as much as he did in the second film (or was it the third)?

UPDATE: I just figured out the difference between the “Clone Wars” and “The Clone Wars” (what a clever chappie I am). Its a “the”. Wow. That won’t cause confusion on Amazon later on in life whilst your mother is trying to find it for you as a Christmas present. Just imagine:

“Mum, can I have the new DVD out called Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

“Sure son.”

She subsequently hops down the shops to ask for the Clone Wars DVD just out and some idiot behind the counter gets smarts and gives her both volumes of the 2003 TV series. Please Mr Lucas, can we not think of more unique titles?

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