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Spiderman 4 ebay Auction goes live

Submitted by on August 28, 2008 – 5:11 pmNo Comment

Do you love Spider-Man? Were you the only one in the world who thought that Spider-Man 3 wasn’t pants? Well, if you have large group of Monkeys you can buy your way onto the set of Spider-Man 4. The amusing thing is that this movie ’t been greenlit yet. At present, if you click on the auction, you’ll notice the price is a snip at a mere $5,000. This, one would imagine is quite cheap considering it includes:

  • A visit to the set of Spider-Man 4 (one shooting day)
    • Location of visit will be determined by Sony Pictures based on scheduling of visit
  • A meet and greet with the cast (1 hour)
  • A walk-on/ extra role in the film for the auction winner only
    • Role and length of screen time to be determined by Sony Pictures
  • Trip to the New York premiere
    • Location of American premiere may be changed at Sony Pictures’ discretion
  • Designer outfits to wear to premiere for winner and guest from top designers
    • Designers to be chosen by Sony Pictures
    • Winner and guest may keep the outfits
  • Winner and Guest will walk the premiere’s red carpet

So what are you all waiting for. If you have a grown child that you love to spoil needlessly (or torture by sending them to a possibly awful movie) then CLICK HERE to take a look. Personally, I would rather ensure that my are thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush. Then again, a designer suit would be nice!

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