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Speed Racer tanks (probably) whilst the stars look scary

Submitted by on May 11, 2008 – 6:41 pmNo Comment

Okay, so this is merely an opinion and in no way fact, but I am quite prepared to eat my hat cat and mat if Speed Racer knocks Iron man off of its dominating position. Of course whilst official figures are still not available, we all have to make do with reports from Entertainment Weekly and Movieweb. The trouble is of course, Movieweb claims a US total box-office of ¬£6.2 million and Entertainment Weekly claims $20 million. Either way is not so good, but why the $14 million difference? Is this a “think of a number game”? Can we all join in? How about $4.5 million global sales. There’s a statistic to argue about for years to come. Ahem. Anyway, the point of this post was to discuss the scary-factor of Christina Ricci (who stars in Speed Racer along with ). Take a look at this photograph people and tell me why she has grown from an Addams Family weird looking child to an absolutely skeletal being. She is more scary now than back then (in my opinion, before you want to start suing me). Does she not eat? Does she take one look at a Big Mac and run the other way claiming that it wants to hurt her? Somebody..please: give this woman help!

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