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Six Minutes of Valkyrie released

Submitted by on January 13, 2009 – 3:13 pmNo Comment

valkyrieThe studio behind has joined the “we give away too much free ” club and have decided to show 6 minutes online to hold your attention. This is not a by any means but it does give us the chance to become hooked (much like ).

The video consists of:

  • 1¬† minute of words
  • 20 seconds of the
  • 40 seconds of speaking German whilst moaning about
  • 1 minute of talking in the
  • 45 seconds of
  • 10 seconds of car starting
  • 3 seconds of firing
  • 20 seconds of zooming in on tom cruise having a .
  • and 97 seconds of me yawning.

This is pure excitement at its best.So children, I urge you all to JUST SAY NO and leave well alone. However because I am “temptation” personified, it’s here:

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