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Sitting in a field with a broken laptop

Submitted by on May 23, 2009 – 4:35 pmNo Comment

headerSo you may be asking why no updates have occurred in the past few days. Has the long suffering editor of this blog finally gotten sick of writing reviews?

Well, no! In fact I have been sitting in an English field, fighting with a laptop that has had a close encounter with hot coffee. This “close encounter” involved a bad balancing act with a thermos (without a lid), a cowpat, a notebook and a slightly inebriated fellow after seeing two films that shook him up a little.

One momentary lapse of concentration later and the left side of my beloved laptop became intimate with hot caffeinated fluid. The outcome of this was:

  1. a great deal of mopping up with kitchen towels
  2. hair pulling and screaming at the cows responsible for the aforementioned cowpat
  3. loss of the use of certain letters on the keyboard (including “b”, “z”, “a” and “s”).
  4. an increasing amount of rhetorical questions asked at the sky: “Why God? Why?”

With the intention of writing the necessary reviews in the glorious British countryside, I set about attempting to do so. Unfortunately, when both of the films made heavy use of the lost functioning keys, I chose to give it up as a bad job. Otherwise the next reviews on 4 out of 10 would have been “Lein Vmpire Killers” and Ghot of Girlfriend Pt!

Have no fear though, as the reviews return today as the laptop has now found a new home (the bin). Somehow my relaxing two day break became a little less fulfilling than I had first hoped.

See you soon.

R Mann.

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