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Sick to death of boring film posters: Max Payne

Submitted by on August 21, 2008 – 5:43 pmOne Comment

The actor whose name we all like to say out loud ( Wahlberg) is back “with a vengeance” in the upcoming movie . It is based on the popular and I for one am sick of watching tedious of . In recent days two more posters have been released. Both of these posters are of the aforementioned Marky Mark staring straight down at the ground. Is it me? Is he going to spend the whole film not looking where he’s going? Take a look at the archway shot and you’ll notice that this pose resembles something of an (Symbolism 101), but just because they were designed by an artist who went to school doesn’t mean their any good. When is the studio going to admit that this is “The ” with a different name (pure )?

In the meantime we are all going to wait patiently (until October / November 2008) and hope that there is more than just a brooding character in this upcoming . Until then, let’s all stare at Marky looking depressed.

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