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Seven reasons why they should scrap the MTV Movie Awards

Submitted by on June 2, 2009 – 1:30 amNo Comment

mtv-movie-awards-poster1I have just sat through what must be the most shameless and badly-acted self promotional cack I have seen this year. That, you may say is nothing new as I tend to watch every Asylum film that ever gets released and therefore “cack” is something I am used to. Unfortunately what I was watching tonight was supposedly nearly a 3 hour “celebration” of good film.

Whilst watching the award show, it became apparent that it has seen its best day and that was many years ago! You may think that perhaps I am being slightly too critical so I thought it best to give you seven good reasons why the should be scrapped:

1: Shameless promotion

Throughout the show it became clear that instead of celebrating good films from last year, the focus was on the “exciting” films yet to come. We were inundated with shameless promotions of the latest , Night at the Museum 2 and Bruno (amongst others) and it felt like you were watching a 3 hour trailer (with adverts in between). At an award show I expect a look back at the previous years’ films and not a hopeful plug of what is to come. How can you truly trust an award show that is more interested in what is to come, instead of what has passed?

2: Awful and inappropriate host

andy-mtvAndy Samberg hosted this years event and if you live outside the U.S you may just not know who he is by name alone. In fact at one point in the proceedings we had to be reminded of his “fame” as Jim Carrey suggests we listen to two other “celebrities” (Chris Isaak and Leanne Rimes) sing a terrible version of his song “Jizz in My Pants”. Now I may be English and seriously stuck up my own rectum but naming Samberg as host is about as practical as naming Katie Price instead (anyone outside of Britain is -unlikely to know who I’m talking about)!

Samberg is not known so much outside the U.S unless you include his online videos. However if online videos are included could we not have had Tay Zonday or Numa Numa Guy instead? At least they wouldn’t have come across as an incompetent schoolboy stuffed into a tuxedo whilst looking very uncomfortable and sticking out his tongue. Isn’t it about time that we had some reasonably actor-like hosts? Even the Academy Awards chose Hugh Jackman to host this year (an inspired move) which gives it an air of respectability that it has been lacking in years past! If wishes to continue with its Movie Awards it should get rid of the internet “stars”,  TV “actors” and “comedians” and focus on film actors! Why is that such a difficult request?

3: Everyone looks stoned and bored

eminem-face-ass-brunoThis is it: your evening with actors from around the world. You sit there with great enthusiasm whilst every single person on screen looks completely and utterly bored! Is this not a good indication that MTV are doing things very, very wrong? In fact at one point in this years ceremony a shameless attempt at plugging the upcoming film Brüno involved Sacha Baron Cohen in Character, accidentally flailing from a cable and landing (69 style) on top of Eminem (yet another individual who has only acted once). Eminem then gets all predictably homophobic and storms out. To me, this stunt looked prearranged with the 8-mile star but this also gave him the chance to storm off (I’m sure he was just looking for the perfect excuse anyway).

Perhaps to counter the utter boredom, it seems that nearly every single actor on screen looks stoned! I don’t know what drugs they may be handing out down at the MTV Movie Awards but when the camera passes over the heads of the actors they look up at wonder as if it is the time they have ever seen one! It could be argued that they are drunk and not drugged up but their acceptance speeches (for those who won) show otherwise.

4: Ben Stiller looks pissed off

ben-stiller-pissed-offIn every promoting Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Ben Stiller has looked like he would rather be flogging himself with a wet tea-towel than suffer another range of idiotic questions regarding his experiences in front of a green screen. In this year’s awards ceremony he was “honoured” with the MTV Generation Award which basically consisted of Zac Efron (whom I’m sure he doesn’t know) and Kiefer Sutherland (who is now primarily a TV actor) telling him how great he is. In fact Sutherland’s emotional collapse was perhaps the high point of the evening (if you don’t count the ending credits) as he uncomfortably broke down at Stiller’s genius. It seemed though that Stiller was incapable of presenting himself in any other way except pissed off that his time has been wasted in such a way. His acceptance speech seemed well rehearsed (like all of his usual responses to interview questions).

My simple point is: if the winner of the MTV Generation Award (supposedly the greatest “prize” in the show) cannot inspire an actor to act like he’s pleased then they have absolutely no hope in hell!

5: What happened to the parodies?

stillercruiseSpeaking of Ben Stiller; he was responsible for one of the MTV Movie Awards’ greatest parody skits. It was named Mission Improbable and starred the actor as a Tom Cruise double. If you missed it then click here. Likewise in years to come, similar parodies appeared on each show. When Justin Timberlake and Seann William Scott hosted the awards, a Matrix Reloaded spoof was shown. Both of these (at the time) were great entertainment and enabled future films to self promote, whilst having a joke about it all. Batman Begins and the Lord of the Rings parodies were also shown at different years. This year we suffered only a few painful seconds of an unfunny preview for (the Twilight sequel).

The parody sequences were something that I used to look forward to. Often I was disappointed with the results but when they did do it right, it went down a storm. As the years have gone by MTV seems to have become less and less bothered with the awards and it is starting to show in a big way

6: Guy

What the hell is this all about? Who in their right mind thought a character in a skin tight gold suit with popcorn as a head, would be entertaining to be on stage? I mean why?

popcorn-guy-1 popcorn-guy-2

7: The Award winners

After moaning about how wrong MTV seems to get things, I will end on what the public has also done wrong.

  • Twilight (and its stars) won five awards
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year won 2 awards
  • won 1 award
  • Hannah Montana: The Movie won 1 award
  • Baby Mama won 1 award
  • Yes Man won 1 award

cast-twilight-best-movieYes. We live in a world (it seems) where people voted for a pile of emotionless tat, five times the amount of The Dark Knight! Twilight beat the Chris Nolan masterpiece along with Iron Man and even Slumdog Millionaire!

Well I think that’ll about do it! I am sick to death of the MTV movie awards and it seems that if you take a look at the awards given out, the only people who enjoy it these days are young American teenagers who still think it’s cool to pout a lot, self-harm and wear piles of white makeup! I’m off to kill myself!

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