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Seann William Scott stars in the Promotion

Submitted by on May 8, 2008 – 10:06 pmOne Comment

I think that should get a definition entry in the Oxford English Dictionary. It would read: “An actor who strives ever harder to escape his American Pie typecasting of ”. It is unfortunate, that such a typecast be made, as in Southland Tales he proved his worth. However (why is there always a “however”?) he does seem to take on roles in “comedy” films. I say comedy, but they really are not. His latest at breaking the mould is that of . Yes, its a comedy, but he is playing a character with less than that of Stifler. This means of course, it is likely to be as dull as cleaning behind the cooker, but we shall not judge, until we see the …Oh here it is: – (I was right)

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