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Saw 5 Teaser poster released

Submitted by on June 28, 2008 – 3:33 pmNo Comment

Another year and another Saw due out around . The fact is ’s character () died in . How on are they going to continually explain his in the many more (I am sure) that are yet to come. For most of us though, explaining Jigsaw’s many plans is pure eye candy. Let’s be honest, Jigsaw is a master planner. To date, in the few short months until he dies, he has planned endless puzzles and challenges for these people to escape. The is: who cares. Come Halloween we’ll be in the theater cringing at dry retching at the festivities on screen. At least I will, because admittedly I am a big girl’s blowse!

As with most from the Saw series, there is more shown than is actually shown (wow. How ambiguous). Tell me what you see. Who is wearing the “Jigsaw Mask”?

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