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Sadly Kirsten Dunst is to return to Spider-Man 4 and 5

Submitted by on September 30, 2008 – 9:36 pmNo Comment

I don’t think much of the character of Mary-Jane Watson in the Spider-. She whines a lot, gets captured a lot, pines over the Jr. and basically makes the wonder why even bothers anymore.

The only reason I was glad to see return for Spider-Man 3 ( a truly awful movie) was because I had hoped her character would die. Does that seem a bit harsh? Perhaps. The fact is Spider-Man 3 introduced Bryce Dallas-Howard as the very and I had hoped that Raimi would replace one with the other. This was not the case (another ) and we were left with Dunst screaming for help (yet again) whilst being suspended in a caught in a spider-web.

Isn’t it about time that Raimi stop playing the same record and start killing off people? We know that “with great power comes great responsibility” but with a large returning cast, comes a larger budget to pay them all.

I have a good idea. Kill most of them off and be done with it. Start a fresh, because there is a that if they don’t you are just piling more crap on top of other crap. Indeed, a house built on sand….will sink. That is the for Spider-Man 4 and 5. I hope not; but if Raimi, Maguire and Dunst are not careful then the forth and fifth film may turn into a studio-killer.

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