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Red Sonja posters at revealed Comic Con

Submitted by on July 26, 2008 – 3:43 pmNo Comment

Red (unless you’re a fan) is a camp 1985 film starring Arnold “Call me ’nor” Schwarzenegger and Brigitte “don’t call me tall and scary” Nielsen. It was a less than loved by few. Those few it seemed and a few more comic book fans are excited to hear that another Red Sonja movie is to be made with Rose McGown playing the . If, like me you are unaware of who Ms McGowan is, she was the one-legged wonder in Death (Robert Rodriguez’s half of Grindhouse). Coincidentally then, she has been cast as the lead character for the upcoming movie (supposedly due in 2010). In the promotional posters she seems to be wearing too much make-up and bearing some striking similarities to a soft -star. Is it really this necessary to promote films this way? Is it really necessary to remake everything that is over twenty years old? I know that sex sells but the Hollywood industry is flexing that very fine line between acceptable art and indecency. I don’t trust a movie that requires this amount of suggestiveness in its promotional content.

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