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Rant of the Week: Leave Chris Nolan alone!

Submitted by on August 28, 2008 – 7:42 pmOne Comment

Chris_Nolan Most of us who live on the Net (and not in the real world) are fully aware of the “Leave Britney alone” video made by Chris Crocker. I am not planning to repeat this event here-and-now for the greatly hassled Christopher Nolan. It has only been just over a month since The Dark Knight has been released to the world. That means in only five weeks, we have gotten tired of talking about the Dark Knight (because it is clearly not an unexpected hit) and have moved on to its inevitable sequel.

In the last couple of weeks Almost immediately after the movie had been released, a vast amount of speculations have been hitting the net (and tabloid media) regarding the next Batman. Far too often they are demented (in my opinion) casting suggestions such as:

  • Cher starring as Catwoman
  • Johnny Depp as The Riddler
  • David Tennant as The Riddler (obviously no-one realises that Johnny Depp had been “cast”)
  • as The Penguin
  • Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn

cherjohnny-deppdavid-tennant-the-riddlerAlice Tully Hall, Lincoln CenterHarley_Quinn

james-spader-clock-kingMichael_Keaton -batman begins again In fact, I have even read a blog that claims that Michael Keaton will be returning to the Batman series in Christopher Nolan’s 3rd . The writer of the blog in question clearly does not read the newspaper very thoroughly because Michael Keaton is voicing a character in TOY STORY 3. NOT BATMAN BEGINS 3!

Is this just a rumour free-for-all where any names are chucked around in an attempt to force a decision (or a response)? Can I join in the fun that seems to be going on around me? How about the latest rumour (started here and now by yours truly) that claims James Spader is to play the dark knight’s next nemesis The Clock King! Yes this is a complete lie but what can you expect from a movie news site? The truth?

Chris and Jonathan Nolan (along with – Chris’ wife and his “longtime producer” should be having a rest and truly thinking about if they want to continue the series. If they do, then that’s good news for the majority of us. They’ll probably come with a character none of us had considered (if they want to bring in a new character at all) and they’ll probably keep it to themselves (until they secure the position). Why does the world have to keep throwing names out there in an attempt to get notoriety for being the first with an “exclusive”.

Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn had been rumoured due to some quite excellent fan-made posters for the next Batman. Admittedly they look good, but ultimately it is merely a good imagination put to Photoshop.

When Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, I had given up hope that the Dark Knight was going to be any good. The Nolans proved me very wrong. It was a fantastic surprise to be thrown a curve ball. Who would have guessed how good Heath Ledger was? This simple fact leaves me with the understanding that as far as casting decisions go, Christopher Nolan’s team know better than me. They clearly know better than most of us, because I imagine that no other one person would have even considered Mr Ledger. They all proved us wrong ! Let them do it again. All I ask is that we calm down with these needless . Why look forward to next Batman movie when you can experience it on the (if you haven’t already).

Oh and just to reiterate my point: LEAVE CHRISTOPHER NOLAN ALONE!

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