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Quantum of Solace: What’s so bad about the title?

Submitted by on April 20, 2008 – 10:59 amOne Comment

A little while ago, the world was informed of the latest Bond title “Quantum of Solace”. A large took place as most opinions of this title have been negative. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really enjoyed Casino Royale (yes, me). When asked my opinion of the film, I always said, “Well, when someone asks bond if he wants his Vodka martini shaken or stirred, he informs them: ‘does it look like I give a damn'”. This statement alone, epitomises this of Bond perfectly. There were arguments regarding how they just changed some fundamentals of Bond (such as it being a yet still having as M). In truth, they mess up the timeline whenever they get a new character in to play Bond. Personally, I thought it was bold and quite brilliant to mix things up before they started to get really silly (anyone remember an invisible car?)


The title Quantum of Solace speaks volumes to me. Bond has just been through a traumatic time. The first true person who he fell for, turns out to be a so one must assume that in the new film he sinks into a further pit of despair hidden by a more extreme emotional coldness. This is the first Bond to use a non title for Bond and I think it is inspired. There is no question that he is an emotional wreck in the film (apparently, the story of Quantum of Solace starts one hour after Casino Royale ended).

I, in no way think this film shares a bad title along with, say, Attack of the Clones. For a fairly emotionless character, this title speaks volumes about what is going on beneath the eyes. Tell me what you think: Any ideas for better Bond titles?

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