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Pixar’s upcoming sequels

Submitted by on August 2, 2008 – 6:08 pmOne Comment

Am I the only one who believes that should leave sequels alone? Don’t get me wrong, 2 was watchable fun, but (for me) it was nowhere near as fun as the original. With the forthcoming third movie in the series: (2010), and the announced (2012) has suggested that Pixar may be looking into the possibility of a ’s Inc sequel.

Now I don’t want to sound funny, but the fact is Pixar has brought out movie after movie that are all equally solid and expanding the horizon with every single release. They don’t need to do sequels. They made us feel for a rat! How many studios are brave enough to do that? Wall-E was pretty much silent for the first 30 minutes. Pixar need to realise that doing sequels (despite the extent to which the public request them) is simply not a good idea.

Now has acquired Pixar why don’t they get off their and create a sequel that we’ve all been waiting to see (for 20 years)?

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