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Pink Panther 2 poster revealed

Submitted by on October 1, 2008 – 8:10 pmNo Comment

Anyone who knows me personally knows three :

In truth, I didn’t just hate it. I despised the studios for daring people to pay hard earned money to watch it. I despised for reducing himself to that tat. I despaired with for destroying all the praise I had given him for French Kiss and A . I even was angry at Beyonce. I mean Beyonce! I didn’t like this film.

The fact that they had dare make a second one has forced me to remove these stars from my: “People who I should be stalking” list. No longer will I consider stalking Steve Martin, Kevin Kline and Beyonce. Nope. You couldn’t make me! Where was I? Oh yeah. There is a poster out for the second starring Steve Martin as . Did you notice that the poster has Martin in a “Whack-a-mole” kind of pose? It just makes you want to get a and keep hitting him on the head. Or is that just me?

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