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Peter Jackson will not step behind the camera in The Hobbit

Submitted by on October 10, 2008 – 2:51 pmNo Comment

Mtv News has reported that Guillermo (the unspellable) has stated the following (with regards to Peter Jackson directing the second unit:

“We talked about it. I normally oppose fully the idea of second unit so my first is no, we will not have second unit on this film,”

When Del Toro was asked if Peter Jackson will get the chance to be behind the camera at any point, his response was: “If there is a scheduling or a problem of that sort, we may consider it, but right now the idea is I shoot everything.”

I am not sure if this is good or . Some might argue the “too many but somehow it doesn’t feel right for Peter Jackson to be left out of the loop. There is that Del Toro has vision, but will he be missing a certain from The films that Peter Jackson brought to the fold. What are your thoughts?

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