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One hit and marvel opens the flood gates.

Submitted by on May 5, 2008 – 11:25 pmNo Comment

Well, after Iron man has reached quite staggering receipts, has unleashed their plans for the upcoming years with a release date set for . Now don’t get me wrong. I thought Iron man was great for an origin story. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a sequel will be so.

To Jon Favreau: please do not get cocky. You made a hit. Make sure you keep the level up for the next one. Don’t get lazy. Don’ go doing a Sam Raimi in Spiderman 3 (i.e. introduce so many villians to try and blur the fact that the same story was told three times). Be humble, think on your toes and push the boundaries. Iron man 2 could be as good as the first, but tread carefully, don’t think that you have suddenly acquired the Midas touch.

As for Marvel now stating their intentions of further upcoming production, I think it is a little too early to state this. One film (under their jurisdiction) has been released. One film does not a studio make. Surely it is important to establish the receipts from the Incredible Hulk before planning on all of these future productions:

April 30th: 2010 Iron man 2

June 4th: 2010


2011: The Avengers

(Releases courtesy of the righteous dudes at Slashfilm)

As Slashfilm quite rightly puts it: Are we ready to handle 2 Avenger films in 2011?  Personally, I think not.

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