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Not to say we told you so, but: Speed Racer reviews online (and they’re not so positive)

Submitted by on May 7, 2008 – 12:45 amNo Comment

Well, pre-release screenings have allowed some lucky critics to review the latest Brothers film. The results coming back to date, are not looking good. Over at , only 40% of reviewers (gave it a positive review). This is not good. However, chin up et al, there are only ten reviews up online at RT so far. It could get better..Could…but likely not. It has occurred to me then that this film (according to RT) has a rating of 4 out of 10. Therefore, this film becomes an underdog. Here at 4 out of 10 we celebrate mediocrity and we have a message for the producers and directors of Speed Racer.

Sirs, please do not concentrate on reviews such as David Edelstein’s (New York Magazine). Concentrate on the fact that your film Speed Racer has now earned its place (alongside) Dean Cain, as an example of how not to do it (your place will be honoured in the polaroid at the top of the site). Others will notice your example and try not to repeat it. Children will come to watch Speed Racer on terrestrial television and think to themselves “why”.¬† Yes, honoured gentlemen and ladies of the production of Speed Racer, we revel in mediocre examples of film. Sirs, we salute you all.

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