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New Empire Magazine cover – sinking to new lows

Submitted by on March 24, 2009 – 8:48 pmOne Comment

empire-mag-megan-foxNow don’t get me wrong. I really do enjoy reading Empire magazine. It is one of the few that I appreciate without having to be embarrassed about purchasing.

It has (up to this point) been respectable to its with its covers. What I simply mean is that the magazine is directed at film from around the world and the covers have reflected that. It has not lowered itself to having partially on the front cover claiming it is something to do with film!

That is, until now! The of has a semi-naked on the front cover. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not completely against seeing Megan Fox partially naked (despite her quite hideous ), but this kind of cover really does lower the standard somewhat.

I had an inkling that Empire would be going all on us when the use of were becoming more and more prevalent in their articles.
For me, this is unprofessional and unnecessary. Of course there are occasions that we all feel to make our point a curse word is useful. However this is usually in conversation where the subject makes us passionate in our responses. It is not good form however in a respected published film .

I have included the image here, not for you all to gape at like a bunch of sex-starved but to open up the argument: “am I the only one who thinks that this sort of image and language use is unwelcome in Empire Magazines (or indeed any magazine)”?

I will continue to purchase Empire magazine in the coming months, hoping that they get their act together but I if they continue along this path, we might as well just go out and buy the latest Playboy / Playgirl!

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