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My Best Friend’s Girl -review

Submitted by on November 4, 2008 – 1:04 pm2 Comments

Since the design of the new site I have endeavored to bring a standard format to my . This has been a positive and a negative thing. On the positive side, gone are the endless rants about a small section of each film. Gone are the unstandardised ratings that I so love to give (4 out of 10 was the best rating I would usually give).

The ratings now follow a standard “out of 5” which somewhat contradicts the name of the site. With organisation, however comes negative points and they include: writing each review becomes monotonous. When before I would enjoy a good moan, I now find it tedious with movies I truly care nothing of, to write about 1000 words when just one word would do. My ’s Girl is the of a movie that requires nothing more than a one word review. So how do you think, am I going to hide the fact that this movie deserves nothing more than a word no longer than eight letters?


Tank (Dane Cook) is put to the ultimate friendship test when his best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs) hires him to take his ex-girlfriend Alexis (Kate Hudson) on a lousy date just to show her how great her former boyfriend is. When Alexis finds Tank more fascinating she decides that she wants Tank, and wants to take him to a wedding instead of Dustin.


Okay, so this is the hard part. How I wish I could just simply say the word I want to say and merely move on to the next piece of news or latest movie images. Instead though I’m going to try my best and waffle around the subject a little bit to make sure you are all paying attention.

Kate Hudson Kate Hudson in a film which would be better played by someone who isn’t Kate Hudson. Sadly Ms Hudson seems to play these roles over and over again in Fool’s Gold (awful), How to lose a guy in 10 days (good stuff) and any other film you care to mention. Jason Biggs plays a hapless chap who is with sex (much like every character he has ever played….ever). Alec Baldwin plays a sex-obsessed professor and father of the main character and seems happy in this kind of role these days. Sadly, he is not as amusing as his character was in The Departed. Finally the character of Tank is played by Dane Cook. Who on Earth is Dane Cook? One quick peak on IMDB informs us that he played Chuck in Good Luck Chuck; a film I continually refuse to see. He also is not the best choice for this role.

Nothing in this movie is unexpected or a surprise. Nothing is overly amusing or really awful. This movie plays straight down the middle with its content. How can you review a movie that is happy sitting in the middle with no intentions to be as funny as it could be. Surely these kind of films are supposed to be synonymous with “hilarious consequences” and yet hilarious is certainly not a word I’d choose to use.

The plot focusses on sex, sex and more sex. The women act with more testosterone than men and the men are deemed mostly very feminine. I’m confused. Is this how it is in daily life? Am I supposed to go around crying at the end scene in Ghost in order to be considered a “proper man”? Should I be dating women who I deemed to be lesbians in the 90’s?

This movie focusses on how women like complete bastards. Sadly though, this has been given no thought by the writer and is accepted as is without question. The movie comes across as extremely sexist in a non-comical way because of it and is unlikely to be liked by a of women. Certainly, as a man I didn’t think it was hilarious. However, if I had hairy knuckles and grunted a lot, I may find two-thirds of the film amusing but the last third I would find sickening (in an overly-romantic way). Because I do not have hairy knuckles and carry a club, there is only one word for it…..MEDIOCRE! In fact, that special eight letter word that I have been aching to say for the last 700 words shouldn’t even be in capitals because it just isn’t that exciting.


So there you have it. My Best Friend’s Girl (the movie and my real best mate’s girl) are both: mediocre. Nothing special. You wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and if asked what you thought of the film, you’d reply with a shrug and “s’okay”.

Rating: 3 out of 10

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