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Leatherheads: A 4 out of 10 Movie Review

Submitted by on April 14, 2008 – 3:39 pmNo Comment

It has been almost four hours since I graced the local cinema with my presence. I went to see Leatherheads: The new George Clooney and Renée Zellweger movie. I’ve been sitting here contemplating what was wrong with the film. There was a big something wrong with this movie and I couldn’t put my finger on it. The cinematic look was spot on for the aged look. George Clooney er…George Clooney so nothing much wrong with that (although I thought he claims to be an actor). It has occurred to me though that this serious thing comes in the form of a with an unpronounceable name. Yes Renée Zellweger strikes again. She has a look ideal for this style of film. Unfortunately, I have only liked her in one film (Bridget Jones’ Diary). In this she is just….emotionless. She has no with the likeable Clooney and the other male actor whose name I can’t remember. This is supposed to be a romantic comedy. Where’s the romance? Come to think of it, where’s the comedy?

I’m not sure why actors think it’s a really good idea to get behind the camera as well as direct it (Clooney also directed it). Surely they lose objectivity? Staying as objective as possible allows a director to make brutal unbiased cuts in the editing room. This may have been its downfall but I’m sticking with Renée Zellweger. I mean what is the point of her? Even Catherine Zeta Jones managed some chemistry with George Clooney in Intolerable Cruelty, so why the problem? Is Ms Zellweger just sick of the business that is her ? It seems so. I don’t see how George could have missed the fact that she played as wooden a character as Pinocchio in the film about a wooden boy…er…named….er…

Anyway, I would love to add a detailed plot outline of the film to this page, but feel it is a waste of time. Instead, I’ll make it brief as possible. Guy plays football (American that is), guy gets old, guy gets told to retire several times in movie, guy meets girl, girl meets other guy, other guy meets guy and both guy, other guy and girl make as little sense as possible whilst trying to struggle to the end of the movie. It’s that bad!

Admittedly I despise sport movies usually, so this didn’t interest me at all. However, if George released a version of this film with no dialogue at all, I would purchase the DVD just so I can appreciate the effort put into the design of the piece. For this alone, it gets 1 out of 10. Come on Renée Zellweger, make an effort next time.


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