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Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra and Vanessa Minnillo to “star” in a disaster spoof movie

Submitted by on May 14, 2008 – 3:00 pmNo Comment

If you were an unusual person with no life whatsoever, you may look up the word “” in the (online edition, because I lost my book version down the back of the sofa). On this informative site, you would learn that the definition of “spoof” is:

“An imitation of something, especially a film, in which its characteristic features are exaggerated for comic effect; a parody”.

Fine, you may say, but for me, this definition does not get to the crux of the problem. If you were to look up “parody” on the same site, you will find this definition:

“an amusingly exaggerated imitation of the style of a writer, artist, or genre. 2 a feeble imitation”.

Let us for a second concentrate on number 2 of the second definition. This definition (feeble imitation) sums up all the “spoof movies” in two wonderfully informative words. Let’s run through a list of how good a few recent-ish “spoof movies” are:

  • Superhero Movie = Tiresome
  • = I actually fell asleep to this one
  • Every since the first 2 = Used up jokes and unnecessary
  • = It made you feel suicidal
  • Meet The Spartans = One joke about how gay everyone looked

Why do they continue to make these feeble imitations of films? I know you are saying: “because they make money ”. To this I would say, “shut up, I’m making a point here”.

There are only a few that I have ever liked. These include Airplane, Naked Guns and . I have enjoyed three spoof movies in 28 years. This is not a good statistic. It is time to stop this embarrassment.

For the world who do not know who is, I apologise for what is likely to occur in this upcoming production of a disaster spoof movie. If you are going to make a cheap film, fill it with cheap talent. The three names “headlining” this are over-priced and under-talented. At least then, we could appreciate these movies for what they are. B-Movies..

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