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Is Brad Pitt to play the upcoming Thor? Is Bruce Willis to play Hannibal?

Submitted by on May 14, 2008 – 3:54 pmNo Comment

Internet are a terrible thing. You have to sift through all the fanboy lies in an attempt to get to the truth. Usually I ignore these rumours, but these I couldn’t let go. Those at Latino Review give us this:

has been suggested as an ideal character to play . Not totally convinced of this one but my limited knowledge of Thor was the movie The Incredible Returns starring Eric Allan Kramer as the legendary viking. Okay it was silly, but the man was a lot more intimidating that Brad Pitt is. No offers have been made as yet, so as I said before: internet rumours. Just wait: in two weeks the will release a statement telling all us internet rumour-mongers to shut up.

Second on the rumour list is that of John Singleton’s The A-Team remake. Believe it or not, it is rumoured that Singleton wants to play Hannibal (previously played by ). What with Internet rumours surrounding as B.A (let’s hope they don’t go there), this film won’t be the film I envisaged if these casting are actually made. Although I think that Woody Harrelson would indeed make an excellent Howling

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