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Ironman Uk Premiere last night: – Initial opinions hitting the web

Submitted by on April 24, 2008 – 12:10 pmNo Comment

As a reviewer, it is hard not to be influenced by other reviews. You want to remain unbiased (yeah right). is the first hero film I’ve been looking forward to and it seems because I do not have a press card, am not permitted to review until the general . Gutted. The trailers look great. looks perfectly cast and the suit looks good. So what’s wrong with this picture?

The film has been viewed over 10 hours ago and no official review has surfaced yet? What are your standard reviewers doing? Having breakfast? at one in the afternoon (UK time)? This wouldn’t happen on my watch. If I had been given the opportunity to watch this film, a review would be online within 2 hours. I feel a letter to Jon coming on..
Until we all get to see it, we’ll just have to make do with a photo (courtesy of IESB)

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