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How to get your money back from a cinema (if you hate the film)

Submitted by on March 5, 2009 – 8:41 am4 Comments

complaintsBeing a generally grumpy and overall fussy , there are often times that I have demanded my money back due to the film being so bad. This may seem odd to most, as you may argue that it is not the cinema’s fault for the movie being shown. It is the studios.

I would disagree with this statement as the following for getting a refund shows:

The cinema you are attending has decided upon showing this movie. Naturally they cannot show all the latest releases and so have to select what they feel are the . If this is the case, then they are completely responsible for you seeing an awful film. They purchased the rights to sell it to you! The second that the buyer has signed on the dotted line, the theater should take responsibility for their actions. Perhaps if more started complaining, cinemas would put more thought into what movies they show each week.

talking-cinemaImagine for a second that you are watching a great movie and it is being interrupted by some individuals who just KEEP TALKING throughout it! Naturally in your imagination you want to hurt them with a spinning kick or shame them with a smart put-down. Sadly you don’t have the physical agility of or the comical genius of . So you sit there; imagining what you would do to them if only you had the brass ones! This is the cinema’s responsibility as if they cannot solve the problem then you have not had an enjoyable which was on offer. This is clearly and if you have to even stand up to complain, you should insist on another (free) viewing.

disaster-movie-posterSo you have just spent out for Disaster Movie and have hated every second of it. Being British (or at least polite) you have sat through this nightmare in an attempt to not embarrass anyone or inconvenience the who are sitting in the . Do you still have a right to complain? Hell yes! Make sure you go straight back to the Box-Office with their weekly film guide (that describes the film as a “comedy” or “riotous” and state that they are making false claims! Comedies are meant to be funny and it was not! If you were not laughing then another “false advertising” argument can be made!

popcornticketsBe fully aware to only ask for a ticket refund. Nobody is going to agree to refund you for that extra large sweet popcorn, large drink and luxury ice cream. These items are how most cinemas earn most of their revenue. Asking for the ticket price back is letting them off likely. The fact is the percentage a cinema takes from the ticket price is incredibly low. If you have brought anything else from them they have already earned their profit from you. All you want is your money back.

time_and_moneyBe bold and ask for your time back! This may sound a little strange but it is such an odd complaint that it takes the Box-Office monkeys by surprise! Usually when using this tack, I tend to get not only my money back for the ticket but a gift voucher for a future cinematic ticket purchase. The argument is thus: I usually earn “(FEE)” per hour. I have spent two hours in your cinema and so you have cost me “(FEE x 2)”. You owe me this! Time is money people and if they have wasted your time then they have stopped you earning!

You may be asking yourself why any Box-Office would want to refund your ticket price. This is all due to timing. If you complain about an awful film when there is no-one around you will be laughed out of the building. However, if  you complain about the same film in front of a great deal of queuing customers you are putting them off. You are actually un-promoting the film. Many Box-Offices will gladly pay you the £8 per ticket just to get rid of you and save embarrassment!

headofficeIf all else fails then go to their superiors. Remember, large corporations (who generally own these cinemas) want your custom. Well written angry letters (to head offices) can often get positive responses with gift vouchers enclosed. A surefire way of doing this is to mention how many times you attend your local cinema. If you do this (and you regularly visit there) you’ll be surprised at how much they’ll bend over backwards for you.
Finally remember that every complaint should begin with “This is false advertising”. You have come to the cinema to enjoy a good film which is promised continually throughout their promotional banners (and magazines). If you have not enjoyed a good film or have had a bad experience in the theater, then make sure you let someone know.

streetfighterposterOf course we all accept that everyone has their own opinion when it comes to movies but when someone is offering a service that clearly isn’t up to standard, you’d complain about it. It is no different with your local cinema. Good luck with the new found confidence and remember to complain if you feel disappointed after watching Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (which you are likely to do).

Do you have any experience of requesting your money back after watching a bad film? Share your comments.

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