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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince delayed until Summer 2009

Submitted by on August 15, 2008 – 5:01 pmNo Comment

dumbledore According to a news report, has delayed the sixth Harry potter movie until Summer 2009. The reasons? Well Alan Horn Horn (president of the studio) has used these as excuses:

  1. To guarantee a major summer blockbuster in summer of 2009
  2. The writer’s strike
  3. The Economic climate
  4. (Number 4 was a complete fabrication).

I cannot believe this news. Warner Brothers are under the impression that the sixth Harry Potter movie won’t make enough? According to the report, the movie is 100% on schedule. If there were filming delays, then we would be upset, but would ultimately understand. THIS IS JUST ! The Harry Potter movies have consistently pulled in large so the of not making enough in November is invalid. Along with this, it shows the world that Warner Bros has very little of interest for us all next year. It just shows weakness.

What do you all think about this news? Are you as cheesed off as me?

Source: BBC

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