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Halloween is coming and so is another Saw sequel

Submitted by on September 7, 2008 – 10:18 pmNo Comment

Yes, it’ll soon be the day where “hip” people allow themselves to be blackmailed at their doorstep by a bunch of children in scary masks. What is it about ? Why do we encourage this behaviour? The fact is of the 50% who love the dressing up and acting 3 years of age (when they are mostly that-plus three decades old), there are the other 50% (like me) who refuse to open the door to these bunch of spongers. Anyway, enough of that. Halloween is coming and so is Saw V. Yes, it seems old Jigsaw hasn’t been halted in his tracks despite being dead since the 3rd in the series. The is here. Watch, be scared, enjoy….whatever.

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