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Grease celebrates it’s 30th birthday

Submitted by on September 5, 2008 – 2:11 amNo Comment

..yet again.In 1978 an iconic movie named Grease was released. The movie that we all deny knowing the words to (and yet do recall, if tested on the subject) returns to the big screen. Now ordinarily I wouldn’t promote such a at squeezing the money cow as much as possible. However, ten years ago in a village in Cornwall I watched a “remastered” version of the film (celebrating its 20th year). The cinema was full and after ten minutes (of which they showed 5 minutes in the original format and the remaining in its remastered format) they audience started singing. There was no need for subtitles as those watching the movie were well practiced already. In truth, that moment was the pinnacle of appreciating a classic movie in the setting it was intended.  I’ll admit even I was singing along and despite all of you killjoys out there that claim the pinnacle of movie going is watching the Titanic sink (in ’s film), you are clearly missing out.

It is with then that this reviewer lets all of you who know haven’t experienced Grease in its theatrical form, that Grease is returning for its 30th year. Starring , Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing, and a host of other worthy names (that would bore most of you), Grease tells the story of Danny Zuko (a member of the T-Birds) and Sandy Olsson (with childlike innocence) and their rocky romance. Let’s be honest, the plot isn’t exactly going to light your fire….but the music..Now there is a different story. The 30th anniversary re-issue of Grease is in the UK for 1 day only. On the 24th September (2008) a “fully restored version” of the movie will be released. Check your for times. Believe me when I say it’ll be worth it. 

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