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GI Joe: Photos released on web

Submitted by on April 23, 2008 – 1:36 pmNo Comment

(thats action man in the UK) has a film out in 2009. I know what you are thinking: “will he have a penis”? Well that’s just wrong. Anyway, a couple of photos have been released of the forthcoming “stars” of the fim.
Let’s take a look at them individually and try and make sense of it all.
Firstly we have a character named “Snake Eyes”
Official Snake Eyes image
Well he looks like he won’t be able to see out those slats..
Secondly (and excitedly) we have Scarlett
Scarlett Official GI Joe character
Now, maybe I was deprived as a child, but I never had an Action man/GI joe. I was too busy playing with my sisters Barbie..(what that says about me is anyone’s guess). Anyway, since I am not the most educated in this subject I may be wrong when I say: I didn’t think the Action Man/GI Joe characters wore black!
What is it with black outfits anyway? Can’t anyone think of a better colour? Lime Green perhaps? Am I the only one in the world that thinks having dark outfits on screen hurts the blinkers after a while?
Ahem..Anyway..nice pics….bet the film is likely to be pants.

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