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Finally the wait is over: The X-Files trailer is out! Pay Attention!

Submitted by on May 12, 2008 – 11:49 amNo Comment

It is incredibly difficult for me to explain clearly how I feel about something genuinely. Yes, I am a user of the lowest form of wit (that’s sarcasm people). It is because of this inexcusable usage of this linguistic tone that causes people to sigh in disbelief when I claim to be interested in it. Why is that I wonder? Can they not tell the difference when I say “wow…speed racer looks great”and “wow.. looks great”. Well, listen up all you disbelievers! Yes, X-Files has some great ingredients. If you haven’t look at the , watch it here before reading on………Done? Good. Are you sure you just didn’t ignore my request to watch the first? Are you trying to cheat me? Watch the damn !

The fact (legally not a fact) is that X-Files has always been verging in the B-movie genre. In fact it was better when it knew what it was….silly. Then suddenly the world paid attention (around the 3rd season) and X-Files became a Bona fide quality show. After about 5 seasons of fluffed up guff, it became quite clear that the truth may have been out there, but (like Lost) we were never going to find it. And quite rightly so. In 1998 the X-Files movie was released and I was not looking forward to it, Guess what happened? I REALLY enjoyed it. It had taken all the unnecessary silliness and replaced it with ever more…Great ! That was the peak of the X-Files saga (that and appearing in Maxim). That was until an X-Files sequel was announced. The World cheered! Okay, so not maybe the world, but a couple of geeks scattered in their respective mothers’ tatty basements who truly know how to decipher hexidecimal code, were very excited indeed. Oh and me.. not that I live in my mother’s basement….ahem.. Anyway, so we wait….and wait….and….wait…. dammit, when are we going to get a glimpse of Mulder and Scully…y’know moving. Sure, we had posters and photographs, but there is nothing like a trailer to get you riled up for a film.

Final Warning: Are you sure you watched the trailer? Last chance! Low and behold, today the trailer is released and those unconventional few rejoice. First thing to note in the trailer is the introduction of X to the Z Xzibit, who frowns a lot and speaks in his very manly man voice (unlike my dulcet tones). This will work. He looks angry enough to be a cop. However, do not let the man laugh. He has the most infectious and hilarious laugh I have ever known. Its brilliant, but misplaced in an X-Files film. Secondly, the equally infectious Billy Connolly stars. Good choice for a weirded out hermit living in the icy woodland. Finally you have Gillian Anderson looking confused and yet determined and David (stupid name warning) Duchovny looking mysterious and believing.

The above is without doubt a great mix. B-movie mythos = check, original cast = check, angry rapper capable of making a Ford Fiesta into a Ferrari = check, Scottish comedian with mad hair whose name should be Angus (to give him that extra madness= check. All of these wonderous B-movie greats are offered and yet I am not as thrilled as I should be. The title of the film is The X-Files: I Want to Believe. This is so far down the road of wrongness, they have dropped into the water. “Hold on”, you may say. “A B-Movie deserves a B-Movie title”. I will of course agree with the one person who thought that and “X-Files: I Want to Believe” sounds pretty shite. However you are all missing a most important fact. IMDB lists this movie as having an alternative name (among many). This name is FAR superior to “I want to believe”. This title embodies the spirit of X-Files in quite a brilliant way. The alternative title for X-Files: I want to believe” is:

The X Files: Done One.
I am not kidding people. Please please please , before this is released on July 25th, please can I go and get a cinema ticket for X-Files: Done One. Pure bloody genius…

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